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 You helped me more than you know

Dear Diana,

Thank you so very much for the time you gave to me and for sharing your experiences and insights. I enjoyed your company so much and know I could have talked with you for hours!  You helped me more than you know, particularly in empowering me with determination to move ahead, as well as in re-defining my goals.  I hope to take your classes in the future and incorporate your methods for achieving a more balanced environment and energy for better peoples lives. Sincerely yours, BB

Diana Makes Me Feel Special, Very Personalized Service --  

Diana Garber came to my home for a residential consult. I was thoroughly impressed with her total involvement in making the experience exceptional for me. Her professionalism and integrity go beyond expectation, and I am so grateful that I chose her to Feng Shui my home. I’ve already experienced shifts of energy and look forward to progress on my goals. My sights are now on my work location at the Breathing Association. We are engaging Diana there as well. -Dr. Marie E. Collart

Classic Feng Shui Works

We hired Diana several years ago for a feng shui analysis of our home. I was curious as to how her approach would differ from the other practitioner we used before her. The first practitioner had us implement remedies in our health, love, and career areas but nothing changed. Diana analyzed our home's energy, and then made recommendations on her findings. In all cases it was different than what we had already done.


Her assessment of what was going on in our lives was accurate so we hired her to look at our business. The assessment there didn't seem to apply so we lost interest in following through. Over the years, what she said could happen did. We closed the business, relationships ended, and health issues progressed. Her approach really is a form of risk management. -Name withheld by request


Tried other forms of Feng Shui but only classic Feng Shui worked

I originally contacted Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts early in 2004. We were moving into a new home and I wanted a better life for us. Our debt was high, our career (as contractors) was not satisfying, and our children had health issues. The fee was more than my husband was comfortable with so we searched for other Feng Shui consultants. On hind sight, we could have saved time, frustration, and even money!


We hired a consultant specializing in Vaastu (Feng Shui of India) and implemented the remedies he suggested. This didn't seem to do much. Then we hired another consultant who, because of her real estate experience, we felt comfortable with. We implemented her recommendations which included plants in our wealth area, red in our fame area, etc. However, her suggestions could ultimately result in $20,000 for decorating and new furniture. We met her interior decorator but something told us to hold off.


I called Diana back 1-1/2 years later and was surprised she remembered me. She asked how things were going for us but (at that time) I did not tell her about the other practitioners. Anyway, what I want to say is we could have done it right the first time. Our goals were still finances, career, improved relationships, and family health. -Naina Pothini, Powell, Ohio

Successful Consultant

Getting to know Diana and her skills was such a pleasure. We frequently have clients that require counseling on feng shui and she's a valuable resource for builders and designers alike. Her international experience puts clients desiring a more Eastern form of Feng Shui at ease and her expertise brings a comfort level that they are not really so far from home! -Cheryl Garrett, President at Home Source Interiors


Great Advice

You said not to take a trip in May since the month's energy wasn't great. Well, some interesting things happened on our two-week (May) trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. Our rental car was hit overnight while parked outside our timeshare and may cost us $1,000 if the credit card company does not pay it. I exchanged that car, got a jeep and within a week was passed by a large truck which threw up a stone and cracked our windshield, which may or may not cost us money. -David T.


Great Advice

Right after we talked a friend who loves me gave me a gift of a red purse (not my first choice of colors for a purse) but remembering that red is a good color for me (and I do keep my money in my purse and red fire keeps it active), I started carrying it. Within a couple of months I was offered a chance to interview for a new position at work.


That same week I realized I had a crystal hanging in my kitchen window (from the previous owners) and according to your workshop crystals disburse energy. If that energy is bad, that's not a good thing. I felt it wasn't good energy since the previous owners were quite ill. I took the crystal down and threw it away. That week several interviews went really well and a questionable reference from an old boss (that I didn't get along with) was ignored. I got the new position and the first meaningful raise in salary in 4 years.


Raises continued as I proved myself. Since I've been carrying my money and checkbook in my red purse, my salary has increased by $20,000 in less than a year. Plus I received a bonus last year and have never gotten one before. Coincidence? I don't think so! I'm the same person, with the same work habits, working for the same company. The only explanation is the new energy around my money and I removed the crystal from the back of my house.


Thank You!! You've turned an old skeptic into a new believer and a much happier woman. -Kim Riffe




Very Powerful -- I'm More Authentic In How I Show Up

As a participant in Diana’s Myers-Briggs workshop in Phoenix last Sunday, I would like to offer the following comments. I’m a communications major, and this experience provided tangible insights and skills. I've taken several personality inventories, and even a version of Myers-Briggs is available online; however, none are at the depth this event was. Had I taken an online score at face value, I’d be an ENFJ (Extroverted Intuitive Feeler Judger). Instead, during the workshop we discussed several scenarios as well as role played. This resulted in a revelation that I’m actually an ENTJ (Extroverted Intuitive Thinker Judger). This shed light on how I approach relationships, conflict, financial matters, even intimacy; and explained a lot!  
I’ve been searching for my identity and the workshop provided clarity – VERY powerful. Not only am I now better able to identify self, I’m better able to communicate self. My partner, Michael (who also attended), and I talked through the night as this helped us to simplify our differences and find more strength in our similarities. Even days later, we’re still using the tools to discuss dynamics of family, coworkers, and customers so that we can be more authentic in how we show up. This was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to see Diana again.

-Natalie Sciume

Personalized Myers-Briggs Workshop

I participated in Diana’s Myers-Briggs workshop via webinar and found it personally informative and helpful. Since I run an insurance business and truly want to make a difference in the world, I decided to bring Diana to Phoenix to work with my sales force and staff.
My business is all about people, so as a leader I need to equip and empower my organization with tools and skills that enable its and their success. Sometimes as business owners we need to realize we can’t do it all on our own.
I had specific objectives in bringing Diana out, and we exceeded them. Beyond the customized workshop and due to Diana’s corporate background and wisdom, she was flexible with my requests which resulted in a strategic-planning coaching session that included organizational structure, company goals, recruiting, and training. I have more insight as to where people’s strengths are as well as how to help them stretch; as well as how to grow my company. 
-Erica Wendt, Wendt Family Insurance (National Insurance Provider)

Thank you so much for taking your time to facilitate the NARI of Central Ohio Breakfast Roundtable on July 18th. It was very interesting and your information was well supported by your guests from Signature Renovations. It was the first roundtable we've had in my 1.5 years here where people stayed (to continue to explore the topic) until 10 a.m. since the program officially ended at 8:30. I personally like the stories that you added into your presentation. Thanks again for the introduction into a fascinating subject

-Lynda Davidson, National Assn. of the Remodeling Industry


Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into teaching classes here at the Community Library. I know the students learn a lot and have an enjoyable time in the process. You help to enrich our community and make it a better place in which to live.

-Mary, Adult Services Director


Thank you for the workshop. It was inspiring to know you've had similar things happen to you and your life turned around. That you’re famous and all is cool that you do a class even though none of us can afford anything like this but you'll be the first one I call when things turn around.


What you said hit every one of us, even the person who knew nothing about Feng Shui (or that she believes in it) said it. It was so fun. Every one of us got something from it. The advise you gave me specifically was exactly what I needed to hear. That must have been the reason I was there. It meant a lot and you're such a nice person. Wish I could be around you more. Thanks for your time. It's good to know there are still good people out there. Thanks!

-Just Me


The Columbus Dispatch and the Event Marketing Group would like to thank you for being a part of our 2007 Best of Fall Home Show, presented by Teeters Construction. Your involvement helped make the event the great success it was, and we greatly appreciate your help. We know that your professional expertise and enthusiasm enriched our guests' show experience. The many comments we heard during the show and immediately after indicate that the stellar stage talent line-up and strolling performers were a highlight of this year's event.

Thank you, too, for making the planning and operation of the stage and strolling performances so easy for me personally. I enjoyed working with you so much, I didn't even feel like I was working. I hope that you can say the same, and that the show was a positive experience for you, too. We are already planning a bigger, better show for Fall 2008, and I hope we'll be able to work together again soon.

Again, thank you so much for all you did to make the 2007 BEST of Fall Home Show the best yet

-Lisa Reuter, Of the Dispatch/Events Team

We've received great feedback from our "teleseminars"... "So convenient (and comfortable) to participate." "Easy-going flow of information. Presenters' knowledge came through in a comfortable conversational way." "…the convenience of staying at home"

"I am happy to have the a to z topics at this time since this is a new area of study for me."

"On the topic of animals you spoke of EMF, electro-magnetic frequency. I have children who have been stating they aren't sleeping well, or sleep but wake up feeling exhausted. I mentioned to them after the conference about turning off their computers or unplugging their unnecessary electronics to see if they felt better upon waking or just slept better. This morning I asked how they felt and was told 'I feel great, and slept without waking!' We may be onto something!! Thank You Diana!!!"


These seminars cover a variety of different topics. It isn't necessary to attend one in order to attend another—they are independent classes. Join us for topics that interest you. Invite friends to call in too and start your own feng shui network. Check the Events page to see if we have an upcoming teleseminar.



I love reading all the input at the Feng Shui AOL group (NOTE: our group is now on Yahoo) that you host. I also love reading all the information & tips at I find myself looking up a lot of stuff on Chinese culture, architecture & traditions, etc. It's all very interesting & quite fascinating. I really like your approach to classic Feng Shui, it's very realistic & not about having to spend a lot of money to make changes.


It's obtainable for everyone, not just rich people (not like a lot of other things). There are so many gimmicks out there today & even genuine things that do some good, but people take advantage & make it out of reach for the average person. Your classic Feng Shui is honest & there for everyone who is interested. I really like that!

-Cathy from Australia

I would like a consult from you. You wrote articles about 2009's energy that are unfolding before our eyes. The economic crisis is hitting everyone. This being a fire year, the bush fires have taken over everybody's thoughts. I know 5 families that have been under threat from these fires to differing degrees. Two were okay as the fires didn't get too close but three of them were under imminent threat & each family was in a different area.


That's how wide spread these fires have been, right across the state. I had one friend in Whittlesea which was one of the worst hit areas & the fires literally stopped at the gates to his property. Thank god as he wasn't able to get back to move his last 4 horses. Another friend's daughter lives in Mansfield with several horses so we were all on horse float convoy alert in case they needed to get out in a hurry, but thankfully they got it under control before it hit the town.


Another friend of mine has a brother in one of the other danger areas of Healsville & they had the fire coming in on 3 different directions on their property then joined into one big one. Thankfully he had taken precautions before he built & was pretty well prepared to fight it & they managed to save their home & the two cabins on it although one is a little singed on the outside. They got their horses out early so they would be safe.


This fire is still a major threat though as are some of the others. It's been amazing to see the whole country band together to help though. So far they have raised over $81 million dollars AUS. We have even donating things like old towels & sheets for the animals & wild life as they were also caught in all this. There's almost 200 people confirmed dead & they expect this to rise considerably, over 2000 homes have been destroyed.


The worst part of all is that at least one of these fires has been confirmed deliberately lit & 2 more people have been caught lighting fires this week too. Saturday was a hellish day of 48c (119f) & these people went out & lit fires. So, what will it take and when can we do this???????

-Cathy Konidaris, Australia

I love your free article on kua numbers and sleeping directions, etc. My husband and I are the same Kua number (1) and since we changed our sleeping position for our heads to be North, he now falls asleep easily. It's great! He used to take hours to fall asleep and would have to read to distract his busy mind. Now he's asleep as soon as his head goes down and the lights are out. Thank you for your help with this.


I've decided I'm going to apply this to my children to see if it helps them. My boys seem to take a while to fall asleep and always need company until they do fall asleep because it helps them feel secure. I appreciate your help. I have not found a website so effective in explaining and using Feng Shui. Thanks again for making it available to all of us.

Lara Gough, Australia

Personal Strategy Sessions

I was delighted to appeal to Diana Garber for my personal 2015 strategy consultation. Diana gave me sound advise based on my personal Feng Shui (as the stars are somewhat different for each person).


She told me about ways to relate to people and my environment, and whether this year is supportive of the changes I am making. She exceeded my expectation as she advised on few other things related to relocation.


Check out other services on Diana's website, as I did based on her recommendations. This was also very helpful and I found the information insightful. Diana's grounded way of looking into Feng Shui, and the way she shares her knowledge and wisdom are marvelous. She is an absolutely lovely person to talk to. I recommend her advice, you will be geared for success!   Elyza, London, U.K.



I found my session very helpful. I am a person who takes a fresh look each year at my goals and projects that I would like to accomplish. Doing this helps me to feel positive about the year ahead, even when it may represent great challenges. The Personal Strategy Session helped outline some potential challenges, and how I can have a positive affect on them. As you know, I experienced important results these last couple years by implementing Feng Shui elements into my home, business, and life. The strategy session also helped me prioritize my projects for the year. This is significant as I manage a business and a household of 7 people. I am grateful for your perspective and input!  Many thanks,      Jennifer Baryluk, BS, CYT


I just had my 2014 personal strategy session with Diana Garber at Intuitive Concepts. It was amazing! It was very helpful for my life personally and professionally. I felt it gave me both guidance and confirmation with my ideas and decisions. Anyone whom "wants to be proactive with their health," has trouble making decisions, plans to make changes this year, or wants confirmation they are headed in the right direction should schedule one of these sessionsLori Shaffer LMT


I participated in a 2013 personal strategy session (energy assessment) monthly special and always appreciate Diana’s high level of professionalism and soothing sense of humor! Even when things are bleak, she makes an extra special effort to work out some positive aspect of managing the energy and healing challenging situations. Also, the monthly specials provide a variety of options for participating in Feng Shui throughout the year. Keep up the great work!  Blessings,  Marianne W.


24 Mountains ~ My Dream Home


We worked on my condo, and the risks you identified are rearing their heads. Thank you for helping me keep them at bay, and that they are manageable. However, I want to build my dream home and asked you what I should look for. You did an analysis for me called 24 mountains based on my preferences and my circumstances. It was quite complicated but I like how you narrowed it down to an understandable format. Now I feel confident in looking for property so that when I make my selection, you’ll help me build the best house for me that I’ll spend the rest of my life in.

Shirley, Dublin, OH

Astology Reports:  Relationship Report leads to a happy elopement

I am sending you a postcard announcing that Scott and I eloped on Thanksgiving Day. We are now Tina & Scott "Gratitude"! Thank you for your part in bringing us together through your Feng Shui analysis and the ideas which ceded in our relationship from that set of encounters. -Tina

Astrocartography Report:  Found the city that makes them happy

Just thought I'd send you a note to let you know we moved to the foothills north of Boise, Idaho (from central Ohio) after researching the cities you suggested — and we love it! Our families thought we were crazy, and the newly constructed home and area have far exceeded our expectations. I encourage others to seek your help to determine locations in which to maximize their potential as eternal spiritual beings. -Dave T. & Jane A.


Abundance Ribbons

I put the abundance ribbons in my checkbook and planner and within a week, I received a late year-end bonus that I didn't know was coming and also have a serious potential buyer for one of my vehicles that I'm selling

-Marianne W.


I placed the abundance ribbon in my business checkbook. My clients increased and the flow (in) is steady. Abundance isn't just about money. I've been exposed to new opportunities and had to learn new things. While I planned it, in the future, it's happening now and resulting in new ventures. -Carol O.


We put abundance ribbons in every checkbook, and in every "Quote" and "Jobs in Progress" file drawer. Immediately after the changes we made, we started getting work - a lot of work - profitable work. The only thing that was different in our lives was the changes we implemented based on Diana's suggestions. Our competition was still struggling. That was over 6 months ago and we are still flowing with new work. We hired another field guy, are looking to hire one more, and hire a salesman. We added another truck to our fleet and are going strong

-Kathy and Jim Burtch, ICR Mechancial Services Heating and Cooling, LLC, Marion, Ohio

The abundance ribbon is in my wallet and all bills facing toward the outside. It must have helped because my car was in a hit & run while parked at work. Someone saw the truck and told me. I contacted them and low and behold, they accepted liability! Will wonders ever cease? I look forward to your e-mails. -S. Morgan in Georgia

Please send me 30 abundance ribbons today! My sister gave me one in hopes of improving my sewing business. I put it in my money box in the morning and my business went crazy that afternoon! I want to put one under each sewing machine and my wallet. My husband wants some for his bike shop. My sister in Mississippi wants some for herself and to share with friends. Thank you! -Jenny


I heard about Feng Shui and even attended one of Diana's lectures. However, as an accountant and an analyst, I really didn't have any expectations about measurable results from how I placed things in my home. I wanted some redecorating and thought I would use Feng Shui as a guideline. It couldn't hurt, right? When we made the appointment for Diana to come for the initial survey, she asked me to have some goals in mind. I'd been working temporary jobs for about 17 months looking for the right position (I was currently unemployed). So, our finances were okay, but not secure. In addition, our eight-year-old son had never slept through the night. He came into our bed nightly, often wet from an accident.


Diana gave us concrete suggestions about changing our son's room. His headboard was pointing in the wrong direction. His optimum direction was the one he laid in when he came to sleep with us. We had the right colors in his room but they were muted and he needed true colors. We couldn't move his headboard to his optimum position, but we could move it to the next best. We framed some of his school artwork for his room. What a surprise that he used his optimum colors. The results were almost instantaneous! He now sleeps through the night in his own room. He even wakes to use the restroom then returns without waking us. After eight plus years this is a true blessing. He had not known why we were changing his room around, so the changes were natural, not forced to please us



My husband and I called Diana to do an analysis of our home. My husband wasn't sure about it, but seeing how important it was to me he encouraged me to call and go ahead with it. I have to admit I wasn't sure what all it would entail or how much it could change all aspects of our lives.


When Diana first came to our home to meet us and get the necessary information for her to do our analysis, she gave us some preliminary things we could do very inexpensively right away. She told us that due to the energy of our home we needed moving metal on our East wall, both on the first and second floor. I was baffled at first but she suggested a wall clock with a continuous moving pendulum. That will work (we thought) so as soon as she left we started shopping. The critical issue we wanted a change with was for our oldest sons (even though they did not live with us).


Well, we found one to fit the décor on the first floor and got it up in time for a visit from my son. Within 2 weeks to a month after applying the remedy, the area he needed to change in his life was starting to shift. He slowly regained his self-esteem and confidence (that had been basically robbed from him) and his life started to turn around.


In the mean time we had found and implemented the remedy upstairs with a clock on the East wall of our master bedroom. That's when we almost panicked. My husband's son (who is much younger and living with his mother) was admitted to the behavior health center at the hospital. We wondered why the moving metal remedy worked so well for one and not the other. He was only there for about three days and much to our surprise it had done a world of good for him. The remedies that we implemented worked! We also realized that while it did fix things with their personal and emotional struggles, they still have a journey back to who they are. That's why Diana says that Feng Shui is one tool in our toolbox.


It has been amazing to see the changes over the last 6 months as communications with both sons is better, and they are much stronger emotionally. They had been robbed of that based on our analysis, just like her analysis confirmed something else … our home was broken into and robbed within nine months of purchasing it. We've addressed this energy now.

I watch and listen closely now to make sure our "moving metal" clocks are always running. We still have other things to do in our home, but as we work on implementing each remedy we see things changing for us and our loved ones.

Thank you, Diana!

-D & N, Ohio


The earth acupuncture you did worked wonders. We all feel much better; have more energy, and the house feels more stable. This definitely, definitely improved the energy. Even the cancer energy is gone. Now it's a rebuilding process. Thank you so much, Diana.

-Anna McClure, Psychologist

My husband and I have both seen tremendous results in our health since Diana Garber did a Feng Shui analysis in our homes in Ohio and Arizona. It's important to say we initially focused on my husband's seizure disorder. He had a stroke in 1992 and had seen at least five neurologists all recommending a change of seizure medications. The results never changed. After eight years of living with a seizure disorder he visited the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and learned about a surgery that could cure the problem or reduce the seizures by as much as 50%.


About this same time we were hearing about Feng Shui. After research, we decided to call Intuitive Concepts. Diana Garber visited our home and her analysis resulted in redecorating our home. This was easy to incorporate since it involved colors, movement, and elements. We moved the master suite to the Northwest bedroom (representing the neck area and my husband's carotid artery problems) for more control of his health problems. We concentrated on this room more than any other. Diana said it was important that he sleep with his head facing North, and to incorporate metals. We took her advice very seriously and it was my husband who became intent on following her guidance (to my surprise).


My husband has not had a Grand Mal seizure since 2001. There have been very minor ones, but they aren't as serious or frequent.  At this time, we believe surgery is no longer necessary. My husband's seizure disorder only improved after making changes in our home based on Feng Shui. He had not done anything medically different. We've since had Diana evaluate our ranch in Scottsdale, and make suggestions for my breast cancer and liver problems

-CEO's Family


We moved into our house in July of last year. You came to Arizona early this year to do an assessment for us. Your analysis identified several themes, some of which were auto accidents, dental and eye problems, arthritis, and the potential for tumors. Wouldn't you know we had an automobile accident after moving in.  I've never had dental problems and now have a cavity. My fiancée and son also now have dental issues. Three of our dogs developed cysts, and one was just diagnosed with arthritis.


It's amazing how our environment can give us strength or take it away. It's such a relief to know there's something we can do about it, it's a holistic approach (which I love as a wellness consultant and Arbonne dealer), and more importantly to have a specific action plan. Now changes we make have purpose, and we're doing it right the first time… which saves money and effort. Thanks, Diana!

-Erica Mossor


I'm not experiencing the constant pain that I previously had and I'm really sleeping at least 6 hours each night! I can honestly say that at this time in my life I really feel great about myself and my health is improving! I really feel Feng Shui is an alternative that is working for me, just when I thought we were out of traditional options!! Thank you so very much for entering our lives!!!

-WK, Marysville, OH


Remember how we told you we lived in a circle house and you said it's easy to get caught up in the energy and it usually affects sleep? Well...we were not sleeping and took your advice. I blocked one of the doorways with the TV console and hung some nice dark burgundy fabric in the doorway to match the Persian rugs. It took the WHIP out of the energy run. We are sleeping better. The house feels better and we feel better emotionally. Pretty cool!!

-Kathy Stone,


I have been headache free for over a week! I couldn't understand why I was getting headaches in the nighttime while sleeping. Even after I got my back straightened out with the chiropractor, I kept getting headaches and didn't understand why. After moving my "red" alarm clock to the floor and away from me, I have been sleeping better and pain free!!!!! I am so pleased to have gotten that BIG nugget of information from you when you spoke at our annual conference. Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

- Julia Lamb, RPR/CRR


Diana, When you had the conference call with Mom and Dad in January 2010, I sat in on the call. You asked me to observe 2010 to see if there was an increase in broken bones from people hurting themselves (since I work as a paramedic).


We saw a high volume of people with broken or dislocated bones in 2010 - not just the station where I work at, it was all over. You asked me to pay attention to that to see if what you thought for the year would be correct. It was

-Deborah Carter, EMT

Diana already worked on our business and is now working on our home, and it's amazing how on target the analysis is there too. Family health issues, relationship dynamics, drains on motivation – it's all there. Things we were putting off or didn't get finished, we're now enthused about -- and knowing our Feng Shui action plan gives us confidence in our choices.

- Phillip Holbrook


Csaba had a stroke in February 2006, followed by open-heart surgery in March. The combination of events left him paralyzed on the right side, in a wheelchair, and affected his speech.


I had not heard of Feng Shui until something came across my desk. I found it intriguing so I researched it on the Internet. Then I found you. Now that I realize there are practitioners out there with little or no experience, and that anyone who takes a class or reads a book can start a practice, I'm grateful we found someone with your experience and reputation on our first try.


We hired you that September. The energy in our home wasn't good for the head, heart, muscles, mouth, and other issues that we were experiencing. It was disconcerting to hear this, but as you pointed out – we have to know what we are dealing with in order to know what to do about it.


Our friends were not open to Feng Shui. Most were of the impression (based on our circumstances) that we would loose what we had because medical expenses exceeded income (since Csaba could no longer work and I went part time to take care of him). People questioned why we were doing Feng Shui.


We followed your recommendations. By November, Csaba was free of his wheelchair. He continues to recover and has some functionality in his right side. He is even working out. As you know from our last appointment (2009), his speech is fine.


He continues to see the MD, DO, and physical therapist. We believe there are many factors that have helped Csaba and (for the most part) allowed us to maintain our style of living. Feng Shui and a positive attitude are certainly factors. That's why we still work with you. Why don't people believe in Feng Shui? It amazes us how our environment affects our outcome. More people should realize that something can be done.


I don't understand how this works, but it does. That's why you are an integral part of our support team. We are people of faith and go to church. We are blessed, happy, and hopeful. Even though your approach to Feng Shui has nothing to do with religion, we feel it is a valid tool. There is one problem … we want to see you more! We appreciate your coaching and guidance, and we appreciate that results continue to reveal themselves…Elizabeth & Csaba Gyarmathy, North Ridgeville, OH


Miracles do happen! A few of my goals in hiring you were to improve my health, feel more balance in my life, and improve my work situation. As you know I was a premature baby and this resulted in several health issues. Blood pressure concerns were one of them…I say 'were' because I went (after changes in my life since your visit a year ago) from 325 mg of medication to 5 mg.


Also, relationships at work have been difficult. The manager showed preference for particular individuals, and they weren't kind outside of their click. I considered retiring to get away from the stress, but really wanted to stay active and vital. My consult goal was to create a tolerable situation (which meant improvements with work relationships), but wow! The head supervisor was transferred to another city, the manager retired (the energy of these two people caused problems), a fantastic person was hired, and the team is working together.


Life is wonderful (and balance restored). I've never smiled so much, and even others in the building notice a significant improvement in department morale. What a joy to get up every day and work is great. I want a yearly update to keep this momentum going. I want to keep the flow going--just like a yearly physical, I want to keep my life in tune. I studied Feng Shui on my own for years and worked with other practitioners. I'm glad to have discovered you at one of your workshops. Thanks a bunch

-J. Faye S.


I am writing to express my sincere gratitude and thanks to Diana Garber for the Earth Acupuncture that was performed around my home in September 2006.

Although my husband was skeptical at first, given the cost of the procedure and the fact that he is a Neurosurgeon. All skepticism soon faded after several events. Before the Acupuncture was done, my husband had come down with a terrible case of the shingles, my son had a rash that would not go away for several months, and I had developed bronchitis. All these illnesses popped up around the same time due to some things that had come up regarding the energy of our home we had just moved into. Within just a week after the Acupuncture was done our symptoms began to subside, and within 2 weeks they disappeared.


About 1 month following the procedure something else happened. I was sitting in my living room (which has quite a number of windows facing an open field) when all of a sudden the sky turned green and the wind picked up. I spotted a tornado headed straight toward me! I ran into the bathroom for safety and when I came out I was astonished! The tornado skipped around my house and followed down the side of my yard leveling one of my trees and taking out my mail box. It did not touch my house! Furthermore, the tree it took out was outside the line of Acupuncture. My husband believes that some sort of magnetic interference from the steel rods used for the earth acupuncture embedded in the ground caused the tornado to change its course. Coincidence? I think not.


Thank you again, Diana, for your expertise! …Dr. Dennis & Anna McClure

Health, Relationship, Money

I have to admit, I was a Feng Shui skeptic. What I knew about it, I believed to be coincidence -- that people wanted events to mean something and convinced themselves they were getting results. That was several years ago, and Diana made a believer of me. We're now designing our new home according to Feng Shui principles, so I'm a convert -- but I'm getting ahead of myself.


My wife's and my goals then for were improved health, a better relationship with our son, and increased wealth. All of these were accomplished and more, and here's a few examples. We'd had an estranged relationship with our son and made some changes in his energy area of our home. He was already on his own so I wasn't convinced making these changes in our house would make a difference. The very same day he came over and invited us out for dinner. I was surprised! Still, I considered this might be coincidence. I like concrete results, and still I was more open than before to the possibility of Feng Shui.


We started applying Feng Shui to our landscape, which called for a metal element and Diana was specific about where to place it. I made the sculpture to honor our son, and we placed it in his area of the land. I wasn't thinking and made a Kokopelli sculpture, which is a fertility symbol. I thought Koko would help the relationship with him become more fertile -- to blossom. It blossomed in another way -- he became a family man. Be careful what you ask for, you may get it! We're happy to have more family to love, and our relationship is the best it's been in years.


Our household income increased significantly and I vacationed in Europe for the first time with an Uncle. I'm networking with fellow artists as never before and relationships blossom everywhere. I used to be a stay-at-home person, and after a day's work didn't want to do much else. Another result is that mine and my wife's relationship is as good as its ever been. Diana's right, Feng Shui is a style of life. The more one lives into it, the more abundance and joy unfolds



Health and Balance

My husband was out of town and I was worn out. Two of our children came to me in the night because they couldn't sleep. Instead of returning to their beds, they went into the bathroom to entertain themselves. They placed water in pails and carried it to the playroom, where they thoroughly soaked the carpet. I was furious until our Feng Shui report arrived and said our home needed a water remedy in the playroom. Considering one child is a fire element and the other earth, water is a dominating factor for both and something neither child is particularly drawn to … so to carry water where it was needed as a remedy is extraordinary. Evidentially (as you've said) people's intuition sometimes draws them to what their environment needs. The report brought it all together. Their intuition was picking up on the energy!

-Sandy W.


Health: Energy and Harmony

Diana performed a classic Feng Shui analysis on our new house. This was a fascinating experience. Diana's work has helped us make decisions on the arrangement of our new house. She is highly insightful and terrific to work with on this type of project

-Jeff & Robin Leonard


Health: Energy Days

I have been intrigued by your articles in this series of newsletters, especially regarding the moons, eclipses, and retrogrades, So much so, in fact, that I went to your archived newsletter on your website.


My curiosity stemmed from problems we had with a sprinkler system we installed this past year. Being a water year, you mentioned problems will exist with anything that has to do with water. After reading your retrograde article, I looked back at the calendar to learn we installed the sprinkler system during mercury retrograde. We paid too much money, had too many problems, and we are still (nearly a year later) dealing with a faulty system. Just as you had written, the project attracted problems from Day One!


We will be sure to note the energy days you provide and certainly not begin any projects during mercury retrograde

-M. Wendt; Scottsdale, Arizona


Health and Creative Energy

I contacted Diana in early spring, 2004, after meeting her at the Universal Light Expo in Columbus in the fall of 2003. My husband and I decided to sell our home of 30 years and were going to build a new one. He experienced a lot of major health problems in the past 10 years and I (being a Reiki master) know how energy patterns can affect people and their environments. I contracted with Diana to do an analysis of present and future homes. I knew an analysis of both homes would be important in helping us transition to our new home smoothly.


I followed Diana's remedy suggestions precisely to prepare our house to sell. These included getting rid of clutter, placing moving metal in various parts of the house and playing music with moving metal instruments (harp, cello, guitar, violin, cello, piano) in it as the house was being shown.


Diana calculated the good energy days in May and I picked one. That was the day the sign went up in the front yard. Six days later we had a signed contract in our hands. (While the house was on the market, we had only 2 couples look at it.) The selling price and asking price were $1400 apart. We priced the house higher than suggested – so we were very pleased with this result.


We did have one major dilemma – the house we were moving to was not getting started – there was a holdup with the electric company and the builder could not break ground. We asked the new owners if we could stay until September 30 and much to our surprise, they said it would be no problem because they were planning on renting their present home. We were pleased with how it all flowed.

The center of our home has a poor number combination – prime for accidents. We didn't know this when we moved in and my husband twisted his ankle and broke it going out to the garage. Now that we have the analysis and are aware it is an unstable area, we took the necessary precautions (applied Diana's remedies) to avoid further accidents. I placed appropriate moving metal remedies in this area and placed a flat door mat by the door. With the analysis predictions, we are more mindful when we use this entrance now.


I changed our color scheme and some furnishings according to Diana's Feng Shui analysis. Our home needs a lot of moving metal remedies and I was leery how this would work with our decor. Now I know that Feng Shui doesn't mean you have to change your decorating style. I used clocks (some in hidden places) and a moving metal sculpture that I found at a local art show. I have gold, silver and white accents on pillows for the couch, artwork on the walls and decorative accents throughout the house where needed all feature these colors. I displayed several silver pieces on top of the entertainment center. I used metal picture frames, walls are painted light gray, carpeting is gray and light fixtures are brushed nickel. When people now visit, they love how it's turned out.


With the information I received from the Feng Shui analyses (our old and new homes), I was able to avoid problem situations. This awareness can be very useful. I'm dropping weight, feel terrific and have energy to burn (these were goals of the consult). Also, I tapped into new creativity and am now painting. To my surprise my Mom even called me an artist. I'm so glad to be working with Diana. We're very happy in our new home

-Sarah M.


Health and Business

My husband was very skeptical about having our house and business Feng Shui'd. But he was willing to give it a shot as he saw how important it was to me. We are a family of six and my husband and I own our own business that was only a few years old. Things were tight financially, personally, as well as professionally.


We lived in a small house and with six of us this only added to our stress. With everything we had going on; my husband thought I completely lost it when I wanted to fit this expense into our budget. Well that was then, this is now. Since having our home and business done, we have noticed such a difference--it is like night and day!

We were in a long mild winter and were finding it difficult to get much work. Everyone in our industry was hurting for work and most of the contractors were bidding work at or below cost just to get some cash flow. This made the competition fierce. We implemented some changes immediately in our bidding process incorporating good energy numbers just like Diana suggested.


We put abundance ribbons in every checkbook, and in every "Quote" and "Jobs in Progress" file drawer. Immediately after the changes we made, we started getting work - a lot of work - profitable work. The only thing that was different in our lives was the changes we implemented based on Diana's suggestions. Our competition was still struggling. That was over 6 months ago and we are still flowing with new work. We hired another field guy, are looking to hire one more, and hire a salesman. We added another truck to our fleet and are going strong.


That was just some of what happened professionally. At home my husband and I had been sleeping apart for about eight months because he had started snoring very loud and I wouldn't get any sleep if I was with him. We are a young couple and you could only imagine what that was doing to our intimacy. We had tried everything, we got a fan to try and drown out the noise, my husband would only sleep on his side, we went to the Dr. and he even went to a Sleep Clinic. Nothing worked.


We were very frustrated. Diana came to our house and in our bedroom she saw that we had a dresser with a big mirror on it facing our bed. She suggested we remove the mirror or at least cover it up to see if we noticed any difference. We both thought, yeah right, but we were willing to try anything. The next morning we both awoke surprised and shocked. I had slept through the night not being constantly awakened by his snoring and my husband slept through the night not being constantly awakened by my kicking him because he was snoring. I don't know if he has stopped snoring or if I am just sleeping so sound now that I don't hear it. I don't care! All I know is that my husband and I have been able to sleep in the same room again every night since without any issue.


We implemented everything Diana told us, and it was very easy to do with very little expense. We are now financially stable, and our business and home life are easier and less stressful. We are working less but yielding far better results. Since we are no longer killing ourselves to just make ends meet and to find the time to try and get everything done, we are able to actually enjoy life and our kids. We just bought a new house. It is big enough for all of us and has a great yard for the kids to play. None of this would have been possible 8 months ago. There is nothing else that we can attribute the changes and successes to but Feng Shui. The changes were immediate and obvious. My husband is a huge believer now and tells everyone about it. We are truly grateful

-Kathy and Jim Burtch, ICR Mechancial Services Heating and Cooling, LLC, Marion, Ohio


We took your advice on energy days for our wedding. Our planning went well, families got along, and our honeymoon trip was lovely. We felt safe knowing the energy was right. You were with us in spirit, Diana, and we thank you.

-Italians living in Venezuela


I am so glad I did this (hired you to Feng Shui my home)! You said it could take as long as three months for things to shift, and that was right on target. The man I'm in love with met a woman over the internet and she came to stay with him from another country. You said since he didn't live with me we would do what we could to influence the situation, and that my home had competitive energies working against me.

Well, I implemented the remedies as you suggested and she returned to her country. He's courting me (versus me courting him) and this is quite the change. I'm very pleased. Thank you so much

-Name Withheld by Request


Health, Relationship and Money Success

Based on the energy of our house, Diana said the front door was less of an influence than the surrounding geography (the other practitioners based their findings on the front door). Diana advised us to move the abundance of plants out (that we were told would help our wealth), and to make a long story short … we undid everything the previous consultants suggested. We've implemented everything Diana has said to do and now love our home.

A few examples of what has changed since working with Diana: 1) Our home increased in value from $315k to $360k. We paid off a $60k loan. 2) I was unemployed when hiring Diana and shortly afterwards was offered a job. Within a short time, I received an unprecedented $5/hour raise. 3) My husband reduced his hours at work and spent more time with the family. Our communication has improved. We are able to support each other in more ways.  4) My children definitely are healthier and happier. 5) We sold our car and my husband's bike for a good amount of money which we were not able to sell for a long time.

We also hired Diana to help us with an investment property in Cincinnati. It was on the market for months. We even tried different realtors and dropped the price. After Diana advised us, it went into contract within 30 days. It was a miracle!

Now we're moving to Texas so if anyone is looking for a Feng Shui home, call Diana for my contact information. We've even added a home theater room, and another bedroom and full bath

-Naina Pothini, Powell, Ohio

When Diana and I originally talked about Feng Shui, at Christmas in 1998, I had called her for a consultation on our condo. I was working out of my office in our rented condo and my computer business had shown mediocre progress after two years of hard work. Diana made several suggestions, one specifically that moved me. I immediately placed this wonderful piece of artwork where she recommended, and gave it no real thought as to whether anything would happen because of it -- I loved the piece there and that was good enough.

It wasn't until a week had passed, that I realized I had picked up three new clients -- and that continued at a regular pace! I called Diana a month later to update her on the incredible changes, also including increases in our energy levels and health. Here we are, two years later, still experiencing results. We just purchased our dream home in the country!

We are really looking forward to Diana's next visit - so that we may harmonize and balance the energies in our new home. Diana has an uncanny sense of this ancient Chinese practice, that will sway the biggest skeptics should they choose to follow her suggestions. Thank You, Diana!

-Business Owner


The day after I moved the trash cans (per your recommendation) I got a call with a job. I cleaned and organized the garage and within a couple days two other opportunities materialized that have led to job interviews for this week. I don't believe that the timing is coincidental

-The Literary Lady

Diana came to my home to do a Feng Shui consultation. As part of my goal setting, I mentioned to her that I wanted to have more opportunities to speak/write about my work; as well as more consultations booked. Not long after these words came out of my mouth, my telephone rang and it was someone asking me to write an article about my work for a national magazine. By that evening, consultations were coming in.

This was a confirmation for me how the energies can open even by discussing goals and by beginning the process of Feng Shui. Thank you, Diana, for your gifts and talents. I can't wait until our next session to see what happens next

-Jacquelin Smith

I didn't think my life would return to normal. I haven't been able to concentrate or achieve my goals. Thanks to Diana's help with classic Feng Shui, I'm doing better than I've done in years. I didn't think it was possible to be here so quickly (6 months).

-Registered Nurse


I was my boss' secretary, and now I have his job!

-Sandy W.


I hired Diana about a year ago to help me assess the energy in my home and business. Now before you think that's WAY to woo-woo for you, take a deep breath and relax. Diana has worked with everyone from Fortune 500s to individuals and small business owners on several continents. Her background is incredibly rich and diverse. She has a calm presence that allows her clients to share challenges and explore opportunities from a very unique perspective. Since working with her, I've experienced many things related to changing energy in my home and office

-Meredith Liepelt, Rich Life Marketing


My fiancé and I recently completed remodeling our home. While the remodel was in the works before hiring Diana, we are so thankful that we were able to incorporate classic feng shui principles. It simplified our decisions, ultimately reduced our costs, and allowed us to make the right decisions the first time.


Two major projects turned out so beautifully! The first was our kitchen which was red, yellow, brown, and beige. Based on our home's analysis, the energy in our home, and the goals we set, we were to avoid earth and fire.


Diana recommended simply painting to remedy the situation. She said it doesn't require thousands of dollars. We needed metal to correct the energy, so we painted the brown cabinets white, changed the color of the walls, and replaced the countertops to gray. It looks so amazing, and the energy radiates throughout the rest of the house. The best part – my new cabinets were only $40!


The second major project was replacing the floor. We chose tile for the whole house. We had selected a very neutral tile, beige, because that is the standard for this type of home in Arizona. I was never comfortable with this choice, and the plan was to do the tile ourselves. Interestingly enough, one thing after another came up – stalling the project. I knew it was the tile.


Diana confirmed my assumption. The house needed metal energy to ward off health and safety concerns caused by too much earth (beige). We exchanged the tile for a different color (we were surprised they waived the restocking fee--yeah) and it went down the next day!


It is amazing what happens when you are working with authentic feng shui! Every person that comes into our home says WOW, I love your home. It feels so good here, and the floor and the kitchen are beautiful! Diana, thank you!

-The Future Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wendt, Arizona


Business Success: Long distance consult brings success to couple

I originally hired you in 2005 for a long-distance telephone consult. Our #1 goal was increased wealth. My husband was unemployed, and my massage practice had declined quite a bit in the previous year to a sporadic dribble. Your key observations were:

1) Our house, and home office, is double sitting and lacked water. This impacts our wealth.

2) The period seven house weakened in period eight. Diana's explanation about how this affected us was right on target.

3) We have double-seven energy inside our house, which in period eight has a detrimental effect.

We implemented the external remedies right away. Diana helped us prioritize the internal remedies and we're working on that.

I'm happy to report my husband is now employed and my massage income went up 57%. We're back for an update for this year because we want to keep this positive momentum going

-Louann in Georgia


We have been throwing coins into our money containers in our personal 'lucky money spots' as you instructed. Since, I have received two small checks and Bob received three large & unexpected checks.  Do I need a bigger container for my coins? We're impressed! Also, Bob found out that the car he leased for the past three years is worth a lot more than the payoff to purchase it. This never happens so he bought it! Nice!

-Debra Winterick


The fact is Diana Garber changed the arrangement of my home in August 2009. My income doubled in December 2009.  My income doubled again in August 2010. The arrangement of your house changes your subconscious mind. When your subconscious mind changes, your behavior changes; then, your results change. Thank you, Diana Garber!

-Jung Jing, PhD

During the initial walk through Diana made some suggestions about changes to remove financial blocks. I started making some changes that night, mostly cleaning out clutter in specific areas. Within two days I received a call for an interview. which started out temporary and is now full time. It's exactly what I was looking for!

When we received our written report, there were other suggestions to improve finances. We started implementing them right away. Within six weeks, my husband received a raise that was more than three times his company's average and 50% more than what he intended to fight for! I also received an unexpected raise, even though I was still a temporary employee and not really 'entitled' to one.

So, we had concrete, measurable results that we had no control over. In addition, we enjoy our home and each other more. We look forward to using Feng Shui to continue improving our environment both at home and work



We had our car for sale for some time. Got a few bites here and there, but it wasn't selling; so we dropped the price. Meantime we considered having Diana perform Feng Shui on our home since it was an odd year and things weren't going very well. We struggled with spending any money, but decided to bite the bullet.Within a few days we had several offers on the car and it became a bidding war. It was very cool! We sold the car for more than the o-r-i-g-i-n-a-l asking price, AND we got an offer on one of our other cars (which we didn't use much anyway). The cost of the analysis recouped , we're having big-time job improvements, a 20% unexpected raise (which normally happens mid-year, once a year), and a blast of new opportunities. Rock on Diana!!

-Pleasantly Surprised


When I contacted you, I was on my second realtor. My house had been for sale for 4 months. After our walk thru of my empty house you came back and we went thru a space clearing. I followed your suggestions.In your written report, you stated to allow 3 months for the changes to go into effect. That is when I received my offer--exactly 3 months after putting your suggestions into effect. I received over 2x what I paid for the house. And I sold it to a man named Fate!

-Prudence Dewey


Money Success: Extra million dollars

One of our goals in hiring you was to move back to New England. We'd been in the Midwest for 10 years with no indication this was going to happen. Our dream was realized within a month of you completing the Feng Shui walk through . My husband received a notice of transfer and we couldn't have been happier. We also accomplished the goal of obtaining an additional million dollars. You have friends and clients for life!

-S.M. M. in Massachusetts

#1 Realtor in Logan County Achieves Results

This has been a monumental year for Royer Realty. We celebrated our silver (25th) anniversary, I continue to be the #1 realtor in Logan County, and we hired Intuitive Concepts to help with the next 25.


I am very happy with the Feng Shui/energy changes that Diana made for the building and in our offices. We will surpass our 2013 goals this month -- and it's only August! 


I am working with her on my new house, and am excited to see results there too.


Dava Royer

Business Success

Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts analyzed my company's new location last summer when we were moving in. The energy showed theft, auto accidents, and death. Business was already suffering and staff issues were also a problem. The move and business concerns overshadowed Feng Shui, so I didn't get around to implementing remedies. Everything Diana said came true, even down to identifying which staff members would cause problems. An employee embezzled $50,000 and wrecked the company truck. When I filed legal charges, he took his life.

One of the things I did implement (as she instructed) was changing our bidding process. As a result, bids were accepted more readily which led to more business. We're so busy now I'm hiring more people. Anyway, after things started to settle, I called Diana and asked that we revisit the Feng Shui analysis. She came over and we reviewed everything.


I feel more supported and have a renewed excitement. So, if I may share a couple lessons from this: 1) Have a Feng Shui analysis done before committing to a site. Do what is necessary before, or (at a minimum) during the move-in process. If, like in my case, you've already signed the lease, then the next point is crucial. 2) Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today -- especially when it comes to Feng Shui. As was in my case, I was so entrenched in trying to deal with circumstances, I felt I couldn't do any more. It's a catch 22 – either there's so much going on that you feel you can't do more, or the money doesn't support getting an analysis; but changing the energy will make a difference.


Chicken or the egg dilemma? Take it from me, Feng Shui should be at the top of your to-do list. It sets the tone for everything else. It is a strategy/master-planning tool! Don't put it off. Feng Shui makes life easier and business more successful.


After following Intuitive Concepts' advice on how to implement authentic Feng Shui remedies, I saved $40,000 in my businesses," reports Brian Heins. "My wife researched Feng Shui, and Feng Shui providers, but said all roads kept leading back to Diana Garber at Intuitive Concepts. All Feng Shui is not the same, and this was the right step for us." -Brian Heins


To hear the Heins' testimony about saving $40,000, visit YouTube. There you'll also find other videos from Brian and Virginia Heins regarding their experience and results.


We've been in this commercial building for 49 years with additions added at various different periods of time. The business was experiencing a noticeably steady decline, especially since the 1990's. Within the last 3 years, even though there has been a recession, it declined even more drastically. Determined not to give up, I hired Diana Garber of Intuitive Concepts to analyze the energy.


We're about 60% complete with the Feng Shui recommendations in 3 months. I believe business has increased 100%! The phone is ringing again and we're busy! I also made staff changes that made a huge difference in cash flow energy. Another troublesome staff member left suddenly.


Diana, when analyzing staff's energy and how they relate to the business and me, indicated in February this person was not a good fit for the team. Immediately after the departure, a friend said, 'you've got to hire my friend who is in your area,' so I'm exploring more staff changes.


I'm excited to see how the business continues to excel! Thanks, Diana! -Eileen Saums McCandlish m Saums Interiors, New Jersey


I moved offices recently and received a commercial Feng Shui consultation from Diana Garber. I implemented the remedies as she suggested, and obtained two new corporate clients within a week!

-Jennifer Grant, LMT


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