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2015 Will Be An Interesting Year. Be Informed To Make The Best of It!

Diana Garber is asked each year to speak about energy for the upcoming year. She does extensive research on energy trends, historical facts, and performs her analyses. 

Diana’s mastery in the ancient study of classic Feng Shui incorporates quantum physics principles and algorithms in order to derive statistical probabilities that she shares with her commercial and residential clients. Her response when asked about 2015 is “it is a challenging year if we don’t find ways to unmask opportunities. Manage your environment consciously or unconsciously it manages you©. Our action or inaction can result in negative implications such as miscommunication or conflict. I choose positive implications, which is why I’m offering this free lecture. Trauma can be tampered by our reaction, and knowledge is power.” Garber says. 

A free video is available of this lecture. To read the entire press release follow this link.

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Authentic information likewise exist: records, ancient rarities and every one of the speculations which imply to translate and to represent these. These speculations about what happened are frequently what somebody supposes happened, trusts happened, or simply needs to convince you happened in light of the fact that it fits some motivation of his own. Add to this every one of the conceivable outcomes of blameless misstep, even from onlookers( (ask any policeman!), and it can be seen that the errand of setting up verifiable certainty is mind boggling and the outcomes frequently problematic.
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