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Your Thoughts on Our Proposed Workshop Schedule for 2015?

Thanks, Ronda, for the suggestion to bring back free workshops. We're going to give it a try by featuring one each quarter; BUT reservations are required. If there are less than six participants, the class will not be held. So, if you're like Ronda and want to attend -- reserve your seat.


People have been requesting Your Office and Producing Extraordinary Results again so that's the first one on the docket. It's a great way to start the year since it includes not only Feng Shui for offices (including home offices), but also goal setting and time management principles. Having managed staff in multiple cities, being a former senior project manager, and now managing a dynamic business (and busy schedule) ... this is an awesome class.


Long-awaited case studies are here. We'll present entire projects from start to finish ... their Feng Shui goals and how Feng Shui affected their blueprints (from parking lots to the building, furniture and more) -- all culminating into fantastic spaces that produce results. 


Also long-awaited is the ever popular Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory (MBTI) workshop. These sell out every year AND we have a waiting list for the next one. Many class participants took the on-line version and in every case said our class blew it out. We do role playing, provide charts, and take the extra mile so that it's not just information -- you leave knowing how to maximize the knowledge. So, make your reservations early!


We've had multiple requests to get back to basics (Feng Shui 101, so to speak) because people find it confusing that one book says something and another says something else. Thus, the proposed May class.


We're even thinking about a Feng Shui cooking class (maybe a BYOB ... what do you think?). I've been wanting to write a cook book for years so this can be the precursor.


So, please check out the schedule and let us know what you think; and if there's a topic you'd like to learn more about ... let us know that too. We'll be finalizing this by month end (November 30, 2014) so check back to obtain dates and topics you're interested in ... and make your reservations early! Don't loose out because of under or overbooking.


If there's anyone reading this that would like to host a workshop, let us know that too. If you're looking for a speaker, let's talk! That part of the schedule is almost full.


As always, thank you! May you be exceedingly, generously, and joyfully blessed,(c)               ~Diana

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