This Month's Feng Shui Tips




  • This month our newsletter theme is out with the old and in with the new (prosperity abounds). Feel free to subscribe to News You Can Use© to have it delivered right to your inbox.

  • Have you read about April’s energy so you can be proactive? If you’re a dog, here’s the tip I mentioned. Manage your energy proactively this month as it is particularly challenged. Balance is key (otherwise the month will be full of highs and lows). Treat yourself to something fun and engaging.

  • During April there are areas of offices and homes that present challenges … SE, West, and South. If your office or bedroom is in one of these directions, and you’re experiencing problems, we can help!

  • Clients –2015 areas of concern are NW, West, South, SW, East, and SE. How do energy shifts affect your space and the people in it? We’re scheduling business and home assessments for 2015.

  • For everyone – at a minimum obtain a strategy session (suggestions for you personally). Read this client’s comments about their session

  • April 4th is a full moon and lunar eclipse. A full moon sheds the most light and is therefore a good time to bring things to conclusion (i.e., wrap up a project). A full moon is not good for surgery or medical procedures due to risk of increased bleeding. Also, bulbs planted during a full moon produce better results!

  • May 3rd is the next full moon.

  • April 18th is a new moon. A new moon has the least light, representing beginnings (good time to start projects).

  • April’s Feng Shui Academy workshop is Feng Shui for Medical Clinics – A Case Study and is being held at The Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center. The session is free but registration is required.

  • Intuitive Concepts Feng Shui Academy© has received rave reviews on our 2015 lineup. If there’s a topic you’re interested in, sign up while seats are available. If you have suggestions for topics, let us know that too. 

  • Many chi seekers (national and international) have inquired about practitioner classes. Good news! Intuitive Concepts Feng Shui University© is on its way. Stay tuned for more information; and if you’re personally interested, we can keep you apprised and place you on the wait list.

  • Have a question about Feng Shui or Chinese Astrology? Write us! Your question will help others (you’ll learn together) … be the change you want in the world.

  • Have you viewed our video about trends and insights for 2015? There are tips there to help you be proactive. Please … pay it forward. Help your family, friends, and coworkers understand what is possible in 2015 so they too can make educated choices. Let us hear from you … what’s working, what isn’t, or how the year is transpiring for you.

  • Want to give a gift that will keep on giving? Check out our monthly special. 

  • We’re featuring Motivation essential oil this month. Follow this link.

  • Know someone who is trying to sell their house? This client’s home sold in three days!

  • Having mold problems? Here’s a great article! Again, pay it forward (share with others).

  • Another client’s success story!


So what are good energy days? That’s a complex question. There are many variables as to what quantifies a good day. Is it good for you, or your friend? Is it good for money, or to travel for vacation or business? Is it good for a medical appointment, or to disturb the ground … good day to marry, get engaged, move, sign a contract, perform construction, etc. It all depends on what you are doing. Basically, if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. We have many testimonies for our date analyses!


Here’s what people have recently said about us:

  • Our home sold in three days! Feng Shui baby!
  • Five years ago we had you Feng Shui our home after being told all that could be done had been done for his cancer. We’re both celebrating three years cancer free! Now for another celebration -- help me plan our Feng Shui wedding.
  • My company doubled, its revenue tripled. This experience is quantifiable and factual.
  • My relationship with my wife is the best it’s been in a long time. My health concerns disappeared. I sought sobriety and am now a conscious human being.
  • It’s so much information and I don’t pretend to understand it all. Still, I appreciate how much you give us. I love how you prioritize what needs to be done. It sure helps because otherwise I wouldn’t know where to start. Thanks, Diana!
  • One question … why didn’t I do this sooner?

Don't delay, Feng Shui today!©  Call us for a free telephone consultation. How can we help you? Schedule a consult, obtain a date analysis, or order one of our astrology reports. Understand how 2015 affects your business, wellness, relationships, career, finances, studies, or harmony. Manage your environment consciously, or it unconsciously manages you.©