This Month's Feng Shui Energy


April 2015

On 4/5/15, we begin the 3rd month of the Chinese calendar cycle. The flying star that arrives is 3 (hard wood) in a 3 (hard wood) year. This 3:3 combination can bring about legal concerns, arguments, theft, and colds. This is a tough year for eldest sons as it is but in a double-three month, particularly so.

What can you do? Awareness is key. If you haven’t already watched the video about this year’s energy, please do. We’ve heard from many people it is a good representation of what is happening. I cover the economy, government, earth changes, global impacts, and more. The information is only from a timing perspective (not based on an analysis of your business, home, or you), and tips it provides for your office or home are better than not doing anything! Please … pay it forward. Help your family, friends, and coworkers understand what is possible in 2015 so they too can make educated choices. 

Avoid confrontational situations this year. Theft is a big concern during this period so pay attention to your surroundings (who is around you, where your children are, walk with others in a parking lot) and take precautions against home invasions. Schedule medical procedures on a good energy day.

When the 3 monthly flying star arrives it places:

  • The 2 (sickness) star in the SE representing eldest daughter (or for businesses, female supervisors). Having respiratory issues; or problems with allergies, hips, legs, or lower back? Is your office or bedroom in the SE? Consider using a metal remedy this month.
  • The 5 (breakdown) star in the West. Having dental issues, chest cold, or skin problems? What about computer problems? Feeling less creative? Is your office or bedroom in the West? Consider using a water remedy this month.

Write or call me and maybe I can offer additional advice.

Let’s return to this month in this year and look at the weather. Three represents thunder. Again, double three doubles the risk. We’ll likely experience extreme storms (abundant snow/rain in one area, and wild fires in another) and temperature fluctuations. We may also see escalations and a possible terrorist attack. Manage your energy consciously, or unconsciously it manages you© which means pay attention -- over plan and underutilize, and prepare then go with the flow.


April is a metal dragon month from a Chinese astrology perspective. The dragon’s natural element is earth. Since metal depletes earth; we’re likely going to experience the dragon’s negative traits such as pride, a perfectionist, vain, moody, obstinate, and an authoritarian. The dragon rules the stomach so be proactive there.


Also, check out this month’s free tips! Do you like the information we provide? When I don’t receive any feedback, I sometimes wonder if anyone is out there. Information means nothing if it isn’t put into action, so please share your experiences!

People whose Chinese astrology sign is dragon, and even the reptiles can be influenced by this month’s energy and demonstrate the traits identified above. According to the cycle of the 12 Chinese astrology signs, the dragon’s opposite (dog) is adversely affected. That means dogs (people and animals) will be more challenged. If that’s you, there’s a tip waiting for you.  

Don’t know what your Chinese astrology sign is? Use our Four Pillars calculator and look at the animal for that year. Want a bit of advice if you’re the horse? Delay important decisions for another month, and be methodical in all you do this month. Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Let us help you with a date analysis for important decisions, wellness checks, hosting an event, and especially travel this year.     


2015 FENG SHUI  


BUILDINGS     For 2015 and a three year, the energy can support you if you are managing it. Typically three brings with it tempers, miscommunication and theft. Kan (1) buildings are most affected, but if you work or live in one of the following buildings, consider a consult: 

  •          1 (water) is any building constructed in period one (1864-1883)
  •          2 (earth) is any building constructed in period two (1884-1903)
  •          3 (wood) is any building constructed in period three (1904-1923)
  •          4 (wood) is any building constructed in period four (1924-1943)
  •          5 (earth) is any building constructed in period six (1944-1963)
  •          6 (metal) is any building constructed in period six (1964-1983)
  •          7 (metal) is any building constructed in period seven (1984-2003)
  •          8 (earth) is any building constructed in period eight (2004-2024)

Don’t know what number your building has? Use our
flying star calculator. Look for the center square and use the bottom number.Again, Kan (1) buildings are most affected, but if you live or work in one the following structures, consider a consult: 

  •          1 (water) is any building that sits North and faces South
  •          2 (earth) is any building that sits SW and faces NE
  •          3 (wood) is any building that sits East and faces West
  •          4 (wood) is any building that sits SE and faces NW
  •          6 (metal) is any building that sits NW and faces SE
  •          7 (metal) is any building that sits West and faces East
  •          8 (earth) is any building that sits NE and faces SW

PEOPLE     For 2015 and from a Feng Shui perspective, the energy is particularly challenging for certain individuals. Water (1) people certainly, and at a minimum the following people should consider a personal 2015 strategy session for only $53, or an indepth personal report for $198:

  •          1 (water)
  •          2 (earth)
  •          3 (wood)
  •          4 (wood)
  •          5 (earth)
  •          6 (metal)
  •          7 (metal)
  •          8 (earth)
Don’t know what your personal number is? Use our nine star ki calculator (it’s your Ming Gua).  


Don’t delay, Feng Shui today!©  Call us for a free telephone consultation. How can we help you? Schedule a consult, obtain a date analysis, or order one of our astrology reports. Understand how 2015 will affect your business, wellness, relationships, career, finances, studies, or harmony. Manage your environment consciously, or it unconsciously manages you.©